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Pet insurance can be a great way for pet owners to offset the costs of providing their furry friends health care. Unfortunately, as pets get older, qualifying for insurance gets more difficult. Because aging pets are more prone to injury and illness, many pet insurers have strict age caps in place.

Luckily, not all pet insurance companies do this. If you’re looking for pet insurance for senior cats or dogs, this guide can help you find it.

Is pet insurance for senior animals worth it?

Older animals are more likely to gain weight, get sick, and be unable to fight off disease and infection. Pet insurance can help cover some or all of the costs associated with these issues. It may also help offset the costs of euthanasia and cremation services should it come to that.

Of course, insurance does mean another monthly cost, and unless your pet gets sick, that could be money wasted. Not sure if pet insurance is worth it in your animal’s case? Here are a few scenarios to consider.